About Us

Providing Septic Service since 1968

Established in 1968 by the Lindsay family, Ron’s Pumping Service has been serving the area in and around Mississippi Mills since 1968.

Both Rick and Darryl Lindsay helped their parents with the business in the early years, with Rick joining the business full time in 1995. Rick and his wife Joanne, who are proud parents to Carlee, Jayna, and Ericka, purchased the business and the family farm in 2018.

Today, Rick, Joanne, and their daughter Carlee make up the core of Ron’s Pumping Service, with Rick and Joanne providing oversight to the business and Carlee providing a first point of contact with customers in the office. Rick also serves as both a driver and primary mechanic for our trucks and Joanne provides back office support.

In addition to our core family team, we also rely immensely on our amazing drivers. They undertake work that comes with great responsibility, and we appreciate their dedication.

One of the trucks in the fleet for Ron's Pumping Service

Located on highway 29 in between Pakenham and Almonte, Ron’s Pumping Service is very much a part of the community it serves.

Our Septic Service Trucks in action